Sponsors of the

2006 Interfaith Conference
September 22, 23 and 24, 2006

"Cocreating Peace
Through The Many Paths to God"


Presentations by ministers and spiritual leaders of various spiritual traditions:

      • Rev. Kyra Baher, Unity of Divine Love
      • Dr. Michelle Medrano, New Visions Spiritual Growth Center
      • Ann Albers, "Bridging the Gap Between Christianity and Mysticism"
      • The Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue
      • Rev. Therese Inzerillo "The Namaste Way ... Creating Peace In Our World"
      • Forrest Burke "Rainbow Meditations of the Tibetan Buddhist Bodisatva Tara"
      • Maryn Boess "Aramaic Translations of the Bible"
      • Rev. Doug Bland, "Interfaith Storytelling"
      • Mark Anderson, AZ State Representative, "Ambassadors of Peace"
      • Ruben Sufkie, "Traditions of the Hopi Tribe"
      • Mona Sana, Bahai' "The Plan For World Peace"
      • Paul Mohr, Self Realization Fellowship
      • Adam Yellowbird "Earth Dance 8"
      • John Hinton "Dances of Universal Peace"
      • Understanding Islamic Traditions
      • Rich Solaski "The Tao"
      • And Much More!

Musical performances by

  • Sunny Heartley
  • Dr. Harold Moses
  • Cerise Ryan, Inspirational Vocalist
  • Prema Rupa Kirtan
  • The Arizona Interfaith Movement Children's Choir and more!
Sunny Heartley
Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses
Prema Rupa Kirtan

Keynote presentations by
William Meader, International Spiritual Teacher and
Dr. Paul Eppinger, Director of Arizona Interfaith Movement


Dances by

  • The children of the Hopi Tribe
  • Dances of Universal Peace
  • Ram Das, Fire Poi Dance
  • The Tibetan Buddhist Tara Mandala Dance and more!

Join in an Interfaith Service and Interfaith Dialogue to create pathways to
PEACE in the world!

A weekend pass is only:

$62 if purchased before Sept. 1st
$71 if purchased between Sept. 1st and Sept. 21st
$80 at the door

Credit Cards Accepted


"Let there be PEACE on Earth and let it begin with me!"

Held at
The Community Christian Church
1701 S. College
Tempe, AZ



For More Info, to Register or for an Agenda of Activities ...

Call The Intuitive Living Ministry at 602-995-7360
E-Mail The Intuitive Living Ministry at: intuitiveliving@qwest.net

Vending Opportunites Available for $107 on Saturday.

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Intuitive Living Ministry Board Members

Rev. Therese Inzerillo
Sabrina Wooden
Vice President/Secretary
Sumr Kruger
Board Member
Hilary Bee
Board Member



Ministers, spiritual leaders, musicians and dancers from a variety of spiritual traditions will share their insight and wisdom with you to help create compassion and understanding amongst all people to experience inner peace and spiritual growth and awareness as we work together to create PEACE in our world for all.

      • Learn about how to create PEACE in our world!
      • Learn about different spiritual traditions and cultures!


Friday, September 22 - 7:00 pm “WE ARE THE WORLD … WE ARE THE CHILDREN”

Saturday, September 23rd: “TAPESTRIES OF LOVE”


Vending Opportunites Available on Saturday.



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Friday, September 22nd: 7:00 pm “WE ARE THE WORLD … WE ARE THE CHILDREN”

Celebrate Peace Through the Eyes of the Children - An evening dedicated to children and families. Everyone is welcome!

Procession of children and reading of the “Golden Rule” - by children of different faiths

Enjoy an evening of inspirational performances such as:

  • The Arizona Interfaith Movement Children’s Choir
  • Children of different faiths gather to share joyful, inspirational songs.
  • Native dances of the children of the Hopi Tribe from Northern Arizona
  • Peruvian music and dance by a Peruvian family
  • Children from the Bahai faith

Ram Das (Julie) “Fire Poi Dance”
Poi is a dance which originates from New Zealand by the Muari people. Poi is also a ball, chain and handle that is spun around to create infinite patterns. This particular performance will be done with neon colored balls rather than fire.

Inspirational Talks on Peace and much more!

(Evening will end at approximately 9 to 9:30)


Saturday, September 23rd: “TAPESTRIES OF LOVE”

Creating Community Through Compassion and Understanding of Various Spiritual Traditions

8:30 Registration

9:00 to 12:00

12:00 to 1:30 BREAK FOR LUNCH (Lunch on your own)

Afternoon Break Out Sessions:

1:30 to 3:00

  • Prema Rupa Kirtan - “Chants and Meditations of India”
  • John Hinton - “Dances of Universal Peace”
  • Ann Albers - “Bridging the Gap Between Christianity and Mysticism”
  • The Foundation For Intercultural Dialogue - “The Importance of Interfaith Dialogue”

  • Sumr Kruger and Lauren Crawley - “Experience Kundalini Yoga to Create Inner Peace”

3:30 to 5:00

Evening Interfaith Celebration


Keynote Speakers:

Plus more wonderful surprises!

(The evening will end at approximately 9:30)




2:00 Interfaith Service

Join in a very special interdenominational celebration service where ministers and spiritual leaders will join together sharing prayers, sacred scripture and music from a variety of spiritual traditions. Everyone is welcome!

Prayer will be given by: Victoria Michal Neshama

Inspirational Messages from: - Rev. Doug Bland, Pastor of Community Christian Church

Rev. Therese Inzerillo, Director of ADL Intuitive Living Ministry

Music by Prema Rupa Kirtan, Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses and Cerise Ryan!

Mark Patterson, "Toning the Names of God"

4:00 Intermission 30 minute break Refreshments will be served

4:30 Tibbetan Buddhist Mandala Dance Offering of the 21 Taras

This sacred dance has received the blessing of the Dalai Lama and demonstrates the 21 attributes of Tara. The women sharing this offering prepare for days in prayer and meditation to take on the 21 attributes of Tara as expressed through this sacred dance.

5:30 Interfaith Dialogue on “Co Creating Peace In Our World”

We invite everyone to join together to discuss ways that our community and respective spiritual organizations can work together to further the goal of “PEACE” in our world. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!


"Let there be PEACE on Earth and let it begin with me!"


Held at
The Community Christian Church
1701 S. College
Tempe, AZ


Weekend Pass: Includes all activities, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

      • $62 if purchased prior to September 1st
      • $71 if purchased between Sept 1 and Sept 21
      • $80 at the door

Friday Evening: $17 adults; $8 children 12 to 18; $5 children 12 to 5; $1 under 2 to 5

      • Family Rate with two parents: $35
      • Family Rate with one parent: $26

Saturday: $71 for morning, afternoon and evening lectures and activities

Breakdown: Morning/Afternoon $35 Evening: $35

Sunday: Love Offering

Credit Cards Accepted

Tickets are non refundable and will be considered a donation to our not for profit organization to help advance our efforts for World Peace. Thank you.

To Register Call 602-995-7360 or E-Mail The Intuitive Living Ministry at: intuitiveliving@qwest.net




Vending Opportunites Available on Saturday.

Vending Garden: 9 am to 9 pm on Saturday, September 23rd.

Enjoy a variety of wonderful vendors sharing their products, wares and services. If you are interested in purchasing a table please call The Intuitive Living Ministry at: 602-995-7360

Six foot tables with table skirt and linens included are: $107 for the day.

Five foot tables with no linens or skirt provided are: $88 for the day.

(Only 10 five foot tables are available. First come, first served.)



To learn more about “The ADL Intuitive Living Ministry” please go to the “About Us” Section of the website.

Please tune into our weekly internet radio show “Intuitive Living” on www.achieveradio.com for inspiring interviews with spiritual teachers, ministers, holistic health practitioners, musicians/artists and much more! Check out the archives of our past shows!

Mondays 6 to 8 pm MST


Rev. Therese Inzerillo is President of the ADL "Intuitive Living Ministry" and was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love minister in 1997. Her passion is to assist people in living an empowered, enlightened life through her internet radio ministry "Intuitive Living" which airs Monday evenings from 6-8 MST on www.achieveradio.com. She is also the Founder and Director of The Namaste Center, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona which "promotes wellness and enlightenment of body, mind and spirit" where she uses her talents as an intuitive and licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master in Usui and Mahatma Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, speaking, teaching and facilitating ceremonies. She believes and promotes the concept of "Many Paths - One God" in her teachings and in her daily life. She is also an ADL Ministerial Trainer and will begin classes for ADL students in the Southwest Region in 2006. Rev. Therese will be your host throughout the conference weekend. Presentation: "The Namaste Way"

Sabrina Wooden expresses her "love walk" through physical touch as a massage therapist. She feels this allows God's arms to be placed on weary shoulders. As God's spiritual representative Sabrina believes her "love walk" consists of service and offers her talents in the areas of childhood education, as a community activist, crisis centers, massage therapy, senior service and "people links". She believes that all should remember and express the authentic language of love in all they do.
Sumr Kruger - Board Member - is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and partner in “Why Not Yoga” offering individual and group classes throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Sumr became interested in Kundalini yoga in the 80s and has experienced yoga for over 20 years. She found that the Kundalini yoga covered all aspects of what she desired for her body, mind and spirit! On Saturday and Sunday mornings of the conference they will be offering “RISE AND SHINE FOR KUNDALINI YOGA” and invite you to experience the gift of Kundalini Yoga to fill your spirit through breathing, postures, chanting and meditation to allow your Being to go deeper.
Hilary Bee - Board Member
Ram Das (Julie) was first inspired to tap into the art of Fire Fire Poi on New Year's Eve 2001. Later on, she started spinning poi and founded the fire poi troupe, Breath of Fire and was soon performing in Arizona, New Mexico and France. Breath of Fire's mission is to inspire and uplift souls with element of fire. Complementing her performances, she teached Poi in the heart of Phoenix in the Coranado District. Outside of her Poi life, she teached Kundalini Yoga, love to hike and travel and practces as a Registered Nurse. "Fire Poi Dance"

Rev. Kyra Hines Baher is the founding minister of Unity of Divine Love located in Chandler, Arizona. Kyra was graduated and ordained by the Association of Unity Churches and Unity School for Religious Studies in June of 1997. Her first three and a half years in ministry were as an Associate Minister to her husband, Reverend Joel Baehr at Unity Church of Mesa. The last two years have found Reverend Baehr pioneering the new church.

Kyra came into the ministry with close to twenty years prior corporate and nonprofit experience as an executive at United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast in Houston, Texas, as a national trainer for Appelbaum Institute, and as a personnel recruiter and manager with Diversified Human Resource Group.

Kyra is currently a Steering Committee member of the Interfaith Action Coalition of Arizona and on the Youth Education Advisory Team for the Southwest Region of Unity Churches. She is also a member of the Association for Global New Thought. Kyra especially enjoys being a grandmother and she is best known for her enthusiasm and dedication to living a life of spiritual principle and loving joy.


Mona Sana “Bahai"Born in Iran in a Baha'i family- came to USA in 1970-- received BA in mathematics from Wellesley college, Mass., M.Sc in Mathematics from Boston University, Mass, and did doctoral work in Mathemtatics at UCLA, Los Angeles- was lecturer in mathematics for many years at several universities- currently working as an information security expert for a local company. I am a member of the Baha'i community of Paradise Valley, AZ.

Rev. Dr. Michelle MedranoMichelle found Religious Science at age 15, while she and her mother were searching for a new “spiritual home.” Upon walking into the Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Denver, Colorado, they knew they were “home.” As a teenager, Michelle started volunteering at that church and eventually joined its administrative staff. She continued her studies, became a practitioner, and in 1991, after receiving her degree from Ernest Holmes College, was ordained a minister.

Michelle left soon afterwards for Huntington Beach, California, where she became assistant minister at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science. Serving there for four years in many capacities, she was ready for the big step into senior ministry. Michelle joined New Vision Center as our senior minister in 1995. The Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies bestowed the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity to Michelle on February 15, 2005 in San Diego, California.

Her vigorous involvement in our community is matched by her work on the international committees of our denomination. In her congregation and in the many churches and organizations she visits each year, she is known as an inspiring teacher and leader who deeply touches her audiences with her humor and profound insights.

Paul B. Mohr Jr.has been an education administrator for 25 years in the public school system of Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. He is currently Superintendent of the Murphy Elementary School District in Phoenix. He holds an AA Degree in Music from St. Petersburg Junior College - St. Petersburg, Florida; a Bachelor of Music with a Major in Music Therapy from Florida State University - Tallahassee Florida; a Masters in Elementary Education and a Doctorate in Education Administration from Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona. Paul has been a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship for 31 years. As one of the Lay Members he gives talks on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda as well as serve as a Meditation Leader.
Adam Yellowbird DeArmon has traveled the world extensively working, learning and growing with many different indigenous tribes. He has dedicated his time and energy to his personal vision, Earth Dance. Earth Dance is a spiritual gathering of all races, religions and tribes for the unity and a celebration of life. The purpose is to dance for four Days and nights with the Earth, the elements, sun and moon and the ancestors, to bring joy to the people and the Earth. Adam's diverse teachings and multicultural background has rooted him in the knowledge that we are all related.

Adam is a visionary and spiritual leader. He is the founder of the Global Earth Dance Gatherings. His vision of Earth Dance has brought thousands of people together of all colors, races, and spiritual backgrounds to celebrate and dance around the world. Adam also helps people explore the inner healing of the heart, dreams, and spirit. Adam is bringing the multi-cultural vision of all people coming together as one for unity and healing of our Mother Earth. He believes we are Earth Keepers of our Mother and we must take care of her as she takes care of us; the people. Adam is asking the help of all people to wake up and listen to their heart, the Holy Spirit, and bring out what has been hidden away for eons within one's being. Remember we are all divinely moved by the Holy Spirit to do what is in the highest good for all humanity. Today take your steps forward! Presentation: Earth Dance 8


Mark Anderson - After serving eight years in the Arizona House of Representatives, and two years in the State Senate, Mark Anderson was re-elected to the Arizona House of Representatives and has been appointed Chairman of the K-12 Education Committee. He also serves on the Appropriations and Human Services Committees.

As previous chairman of the House Human Services Committee, Anderson was primarily responsible for the legislation implementing the federal welfare reform changes of 1996. One of the key provisions of that legislation was a charity tax credit which has served as a model for enhancing charitable giving. Anderson was also the prime sponsor of Arizona’s charitable choice legislation opening the door for faith-based service providers as well as a statewide abstinence-until-marriage education program for youth.

Other important legislation that Anderson has sponsored includes marriage skills courses funded by federal welfare dollars for couples to provide skills to strengthen marriage and prevent divorce and legislation to protect children from Internet pornography in public schools and libraries. Other bills include the nation’s first tuition tax credit which allows children to receive scholarships to attend private and religious schools by giving a full 100% tax credit to donors, a bill to give teachers more authority to remove disruptive children from the classroom, and a bill to help young fathers learn responsibility and find a job.

Two years ago, Representative Anderson was the prime sponsor of legislation creating a new prison transition program to reduce the recidivism rate of inmates returning to prison. Last year, Anderson led the effort to remove junk food from the public schools and is working on legislation this year to require minimum standards for physical education in order to enhance children’s health and academic achievement.

Prior to running for the legislature, Anderson was the executive director of a non-profit organization. He currently is a realtor, is married and has three children and one grandchild. Prior to running for the legislature, Anderson was the executive director of a non-profit organization. He currently is a realtor, is married and has three children and one grandchild


Prema Rupa Kirtan Form of Love - draws upon soulful songs honoring the Divine Presence from the traditions of Hindi kirtan, Sanskrit and Buddhist chanting, and Sufi qawwali.

Prema Rupa does not perform, but rather facilitates the kirtan chanting experience for yoga practitioners, devotees of the Divine, and those who may want to learn chanting as sadhana - daily devotional practice. The chant leaders render simple phrases, usually in Sanskrit or Hindi, allowing equal measure for the "mirror response" of the participants in the session. The purpose of the kirtan is a shared experience of concentration in the joy of sacred music.

Adam Burke, Forrest Redford Burke, Greg Davis, and Debbie Elman are Prema Rupa. Spanning three decades, they have among them the collective experience of living, working, and praying in India; a proficiency in Hindi and Sanskrit; chant leaders and musicians for Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship; Sacred Circle Dancing, Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, and Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Dances; a student of sitar, vocal and tabla from the Ali Akbar College of Music and other Indian masters. The instruments that accompany the Prema Rupa musicians include harmonium, sitar, tamboura, tabla, cymbals and bells, swarmandal, and Tibetan bowls. Presentation: "Chants and Meditations of India"


Mark Patterson - Sedona's Remarkable Sound Healer Mark Patterson was given the ability to heal others through sound in a Near Death Experience. He is often described as a "human singing bowl" as he resonates the pure tones of various Tibetan bowls. These tones clear space, balance energy, and create a deep sense of peace within. He attended undergraduate and graduate school at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. (Psychology and Communications) Mark's documentary DVD and CD entitled "The Sound of Stillness" will be available. These tones are of a divine nature and they heal. Mark has found that Crystal and Indigo children benefit from these tones as they enable "psychic" children to become focused and balanced without prescription medication. Mark currently resides in Sedona, AZ, where he is available for private sessions. 928-273-3777 - Mark will be chanting out the various names of mystics, messengers, and masters of various faiths on Sunday afternoon. If you find Tom Kenyon's Garvandana Ceremony and his work of interest, you will not want to miss Mark's gift of divine sound.
John Hinton - From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together. The Dances of Universal Peace are joyous, multicultural ways to touch the spiritual essence in each of us. John Hinton has been a leader of the Dances for 14 years and will share his musical talents as we circle up for the Dances. John has sung and played devotional music from many traditions since he was a child, and continues to do so with his wife, Debra. Together, with friends, they host Devotional Fusion – regular musical gatherings celebrating The One in many traditions.

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual counselor, angel communicator/medium, lecturer, instructor, and alternative healer. She received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and worked for 8 years in the avionics industry before leaving to pursue her passion and calling - helping others discover the power and beauty of their souls and a deep, loving connection with God. She has spoken at conferences such as Alternatives in Healing, The Phoenix Celebration of World Angel Day, and currently teaches a wide variety of spiritual and personal development classes. Her recently released book Bridging the Gap Between Christianity and Mysticism reflects her belief that we are all share a divine consciousness that is waiting to be birthed into reality through loving and compassionate action.

Ann enjoys distilling ancient mystical wisdom into simple and practical principles that that can be applied directly to your careers, relationships, and financial situations. Her angels are constantly helping her and her audiences "lighten up just a little" through humor, joy, and a strong belief in the abundance that life has to offer us all. For more information on Ann’s books, tapes, and classes, or to sign up for her free weekly email newsletter “Messages from Ann & the Angels,” visit her website: www.VisionsOfHeaven.com Presentation: “Bridging the Gap Between Christianity and Mysticism”

Lauren Crawley and Sumr Krueger are both certified Kundalini Yoga instructors and partners in “Why Not Yoga” offering individual and group classes throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Lauren has experienced several kinds of yoga with her first experience of Kundalini Yoga in the early 90s. She found that with the integration of the body, mind, spirit and breathe her health greatly improved, her mind chatter was reduced and it helped fine tune every aspect of her life and soul. Sumr became interested in Kundalini yoga in the 80s and has experienced yoga for over 20 years. She found that the Kundalini yoga covered all aspects of what she desired for her body, mind and spirit! On Saturday and Sunday mornings of the conference they will be offering “Experience Kundalini Yoga to Create Inner Peace” and invite you to experience the gift of Kundalini Yoga to fill your spirit through breathing, postures, chanting and meditation to allow your Being to go deeper.


Ruben Sufkie of the Hopi Tribe - “Sacred Traditions of the Hopi Tribe”
Islam Representative - “Understanding the Truth About the Muslim Faith”

Pavarti Forrest Anee Burke - “Rainbow Meditations of the Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva Tara” Parvati fell in love with the dance meditation practice of the Mandala dance of the 21 Praises of Tara seven years ago. Since that time she has served as staff at many rituals worldwide including during a pilgrimage to India and Nepal lead by Prema Dasara and Inahata Iradah, the founders of the practice. For several years she has facilitated a monthly meeting in the Phoenix area and traveled extensively across the US to participate in public offerings. Parvati is one of a handful of women worldwide authorized to lead the practice publicly.


Maryn Boess A lifelong student and writer in the realm of myths and archetypes of the human spirit, Maryn Boess has completed two books of mythic fiction and is at work on a third. Her love of the language of mystic poetry and longing to go deeper into the mystical experience drew her to begin her studies in 2002 of "The Aramaic Way" -- as an opening to connect at a profoundly personal and empowering level with the actual words, spiritual vision and prayer practices of Jesus the great wisdom teacher. Since 1989, Maryn has been a full-time consultant for Arizona nonprofits, and is founding publisher of the Arizona Guide to Grants & Giving (www.azgrants.com). An accomplished speaker and workshop presenter, her programs on organizational and individual creativity attract hundreds of people each year. She does lots of other fun things as well and is a lot less serious than this narrative makes her sound. She has a husband, four children, one grandchild, a home in Glendale, AZ, and a cottage near Sedona, and occasionally runs marathons. Presentation: "“Aramaic Translations of the Bible”

Richard Solaski has been interested in things Asian for some time. He has traveled, studied and lived in various places throughout Asia and has been a practitioner of Qi Gong and other esoteric arts since 1985 when he met his first master in China, Master Zhang. During his education at Yale University as well as through his trips to China, Rich has been influenced by Christian, Taoist and Buddhist teachers, in classrooms, monasteries, temples, schools, rice paddies, dirt field plots and while meandering along the Yangtze River. Rich has been teaching Qi Gong related classes in the Phoenix area for about three and a half years. However, his approach is from a more spiritual and philosophical basis than most. Rich is a very spiritual person and feels strongly about his connection to God. He is always seeking ways in which his students can see how a connection to God, the Divine and the Tao can occur in the most simple of ways or the most simple of things. His classes have covered many topics ranging from the Tao Te Jing to more regular exercises including Qi Grounding, Qi Breathing, Qi Walking, Qi Meditation, Qi Massage, Qi Living and Qi Healing. Presentation: “Creating Peace Through Understanding the Tao”


William Meader is an author, teacher and cunselor. Much of his work is focused on the subjects of Spritual Creativity, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Astrology of the Soul. He is also an experienced teacher of various meditation practices. At present he is teaching in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zeland. He resides in California, and can be contacted at william@meader.org and more information about William can be found at www.meader.org

Dr. Paul Eppinger, is a graduate of William Jewell College, Princeton Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology, and San Francisco Theological Seminary where he received a Doctor of Ministry degree.

He has served as a missionary in Japan, the pastor of four different American Baptist Churches, as adjunct professor at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas. He has served on numerous boards and committees for his denomination and in the communities in which he pastored.

His last pastorate was at the First Baptist Church in Phoenix, which he served for seven-and-a-half years. He served as the Statewide Director of the successful “Victory Together” campaign to establish a state Martin Luther King holiday.

He served as the Executive Director of the Arizona Ecumenical Council, an organization uniting programs of 13 mainline and Roman Catholic denominations involving 700 churches and one million people, for eight years and is now the Executive Director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement. The Arizona Interfaith Movement is composed of 22 different major religious groups and seeks to bring understanding of each other to all the major religions of the state and, thereby, to bring unity to all of the state of Arizona.


Musical Performances by: Sunny Heartley, International Recording Artist of Flute Music www.sunnyheartley.com

Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses composer, harmonic cosmologist and vibrational theorist Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses is the director of the Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501.c3 non-profit educational institution in Phoenix, AZ dedicated to the physics and metaphysics of sound and vibration..

In conjuction with the Institute of Harmonic Science, Moses continues to develop In-Chant - a new form of improvisational chant based on fractal mathematics and harmonic overtone theory. Blending the languages of science, the new physics, and spirituality, this music of the mystery and grandeur of Cosmos while teaching the fundamental theories of a vibrational universe..

Cerise Ryan

Rev. Victoria Michal Neshama -"The Soul Doctor" Life coach, Hypnotherapist, ARTIST, TEACHER, HEALER, Movement /Expressive Arts Specialist, Ordained Minister Victoria Michal Neshama is a visionary soul awakener and powerful healer. She is an inspiring spiritual teacher and catalyst for change. She awakens the passionate heart and embodies the all loving energy wisdom and compassion in her being. Victoria has a non-wavering belief in soul purpose and it’s authentic _expression. "Victoria will amaze and inspire you as she guides you through transformation with her powerful intuition and healing presence!! She is a natural wonder!" Ann Hall, Life Coach-Phoenix, AZ. "Victoria Michal sees and makes you become aware of parts of ourselves that we have given up on, and have written off. She believes in you more than you believe in yourself, and that no part of you is truly forsaken. She is a true awakener of Spirit within." www.souloasis.net


Rev. Doug Bland is a writer/storyteller/teacher and pastor at Community Christian Church, Tempe, AZ. His annual storytelling concerts, "Feast of Life" and "Winter's Light," earned him the 2003 Diversity Award from the City of Tempe Human Relations Commission. These interfaith, multi-ethnic storytelling concerts use story to transcend differences and build community with tellers
and listeners from a variety of faith traditions and races. His original life experience stories and new twists on ancient stories feed the soul and tickle the funny bone. Doug teaches several storytelling classes at South Mountain Community College, including "Sacred Stories," "The Art of Storytelling" and "Using Storytelling in Business and Organizational Settings."


"Let there be "PEACE" on Earth and let it begin with me!"



The Community Christian Church
1701 S. College
Tempe, AZ


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