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Rev. Therese Inzerillo has studied spirituality, world religions, metaphysics and holistic healing for the past 22 years. Her passion is to use her gifts of healing, speaking and intuition to uplift, inspire and enlighten individuals in their quest to live healthy, balanced lives, embrace their Divinity and learn to use their intuition to enhance their relationship with Spirit. She believes that when one follows their intuition, which is their innate inner wisdom, it is the voice of God guiding them to their highest good.

She is a graduate of the University of Missouri in Kansas City where she earned her degree in Paralegal Studies. After working for many years in the legal field, Therese followed her heart’s desire and became a Youth Minister, serving as Director of Youth and Family Ministry for Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas. Although as Director she served nearly 300 youth per week, she held a special gift and passion of working with teenagers.

Rev. Therese was ordained as a Minister in the International Interfaith Ministry of the Alliance of Divine Love, which promotes the philosophy of "many paths to God" and is respectful of all spiritual traditions. Her "Intuitive Living Ministry" is an international interfaith "ministry without walls" which reaches out to create bridges of understanding, compassion and world peace to people around the world by sharing Spiritual Truth, Wisdom and Divine Love. One of the main ways this is accomplished is through her weekly internet talk radio show "Intuitive Living" which shares "spiritual, holistic and inspirational guidance and information to help individuals live an empowered, enlightened life!" "Intuitive Living" can be heard each week through the web site, as well as on other various stations. New shows are posted each Monday evening on the "Radio" page and all shows are available indefinitely on the "Radio Archives" page. Since the inception of her radio show in 2004, Rev. Therese has interviewed numerous celebrity status spiritual authors, spiritual leaders and holistic experts. Her show has been ranked as one of the top spiritual internet talk radio shows.

In addition to speaking and teaching, Rev. Therese has a natural gift and ability for holistic healing and the intuitive arts. She studied for many years and honed her intuitive abilities at the Psychic Research Society in Kansas City, Missouri and has received many credentials and licensing through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a licensed massage therapist and competent in various forms of massage and energy work. Additionally, she is a Reiki Master in Usui and Mahatma Reiki, proficient in Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Past Life Regression, and various other healing modalities. She teaches and promotes meditation as the most powerful tool to enhance your spiritual connection and has created a meditation CD offering three 15 minute visualization meditations to assist you in creating blissful encounters with the Divine. Her prayer is to always be a pure channel of love and light to the world which touches hearts and transforms lives. She believes that through faith and intention all things are possible.

Rev. Therese is the Founder and Director of "The Namaste Center, LLC" in Phoenix, Arizona which offers one-on-one sessions for holistic therapies, spiritual/life coaching, intuitive readings, classes, workshops, conferences, and various private and group ceremonies, including Native American Medicine Wheel ceremonies, weddings, memorials (for humans and animals), christenings, house blessings and other rites of passage. (Telephone sessions are available for coaching and readings.) She loves to speak and teach and is available for inspirational talks, classes and workshops. She is currently working on her first book, "The Namaste Way" which will be released in the near future. Although raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Therese loves living in the desert southwest where she moved in 1997. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

To contact Rev. Therese please write to her at or at 602-995-7360.

Notable Interviews

Rev. Therese has interviewed many top authors, spiritual leaders and holistic experts, such as:

Neale Donald Walsch
James and Salle Redfield
Greg Braden
Arun Gandhi
Don Miguel Ruiz
Alan Cohen
James Van Praagh
John Holland
Dr. William Tiller
Dr. Jean Houston
Guy Finley
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Lynn Andrews
Dr. Meg Blackburn-Losey
Deva Premal and Miten
Gypsy Soul (Cilette and Roman)
Laura Alden Kamm
Dr. Steven Farmer
Arvil Bird
James Twymann
Suzie Pruden
Vincent J. Barra
Cay Randall-May
Ron Roth, Ph.D.
Robbie Thomas
Ann Albers
Summer Bacon
William Meader
Dr. Gladys Taylor-McGarey
Peggy Phoenix-Dubro
Sunny Dawn Johnston
Dr. Harold Moses
Dr. Michael Robbins
Patrick Shelley
Sunny Heartley
Lady Olivia
Ray Dodd
Mark Earlix
Tom Massauri
Niles Mac Flour
Ariel Wolfe
Rev. Phil Pierson
Rev. Lynne Browne
SRF Monastics
Rev. Charles Gibbs
Rev. Richard Rogers
Dr. Michelle Medrano
Dr. Michelle Whittington
Rev. Kyra Baher
Rev. Ron Fox

These and many more exciting interviews can be heard on the “Radio Archives” page. Enjoy!

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