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The Alliance of Divine Love Intuitive Living Ministry is an international interfaith ministry under the umbrella of the founding parent ministry of the Alliance of Divine Love (“ADL”).  The ADL world headquarters are located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  You can contact the world headquarters by writing to:

Alliance of Divine Love,
P. O. Box 1912,
West Palm Beach, FL 33416. 
Their phone number is 561 662 8758.

The founders of the organization are Rev. Dr. Barbara Selwa who is the President of the ADL and Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw who is the Vice President/Secretary of the ADL.  The ministry has been in existence since the mid 1980’s and currently has ministers throughout the United States and in 11 countries.  The intention of the ministry was to create an organization whose message was that all people are one spiritual family regardless of our spiritual traditions, ethnic origin, culture, gender or beliefs.  The organization does not hold dogmas or doctrines, but teaches that we are all one and that Divine Love is the supreme spiritual law of the Universe.  Learn more about this organization at their website which is

The Alliance of Divine Love Intuitive Living Ministry was founded by Rev. Therese Inzerillo who was ordained under the parent ministry in 1997.  Shortly after her ordination, Rev. Therese moved from her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri to Phoenix, Arizona, where she resides today.  She made the decision to move to Phoenix because she felt that Spirit was drawing her to this area to pursue healing work, which she has done and which is a large part of her ministry today. 

To learn more about her healing work please go to the “Namaste Center” section of the website.  Another aspect of her ministry, which Rev. Therese feels passionate about, is interfaith.  Interfaith does not attempt to blend religion, but honors unity through diversity acknowledging that all paths to God are valid.  Her radio show “Intuitive Living” highlights spiritual teachers, authors and other interesting individuals who share wisdom and insights about various spiritual traditions, holistic topics and inspirational messages.  She always emphasizes the Truth, that we are all expressions from the same Divine Loving Presence.  To learn more about the radio show please go to the “Radio” section of the website. 

The Intuitive Living Ministry also hosts, and Rev. Therese facilitates, a monthly spiritual gathering, “The Namaste Circle”, which highlights Divine Love and promotes the concept of “Many Paths, One God”, through diverse presentations that are shared by people of various spiritual traditions and philosophies.  This is an experiential, uplifting evening to share spiritual tools to enhance one’s relationship with the Divine.  Please check the “Calendar of Events” section for more information. 

And finally, another main aspect of Rev. Therese’s ministry is supporting people to learn how to open up to and utilize their intuitive abilities, which is the voice of God, communicating directly within them.  It is a matter of training one’s mind to learn to listen to these whisperings of Spirit.  Once that has been accomplished and one begins to follow higher guidance, life becomes much more joyful and fulfilling.  She advocates regular meditation and prayer to enhance one’s relationship with the Divine and to achieve self-realization and enlightenment, as well as living a balanced life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  For information about classes, workshops and events, please visit the “Calendar of Events” section of the website.

The Intuitive Living Ministry hosts an Interfaith Conference each year around the third weekend of September to coincide with “World Peace Day” which was declared to be Sept. 21st by the United Nations.  This conference brings together people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and spiritual traditions to celebrate and create bridges of understanding and compassion.  Learn more about the conference by clicking on the link on the homepage for the “Interfaith Conference”

The Intuitive Living Ministry will also host an “Intuitive Living Festival” the fourth weekend of October this year and in following years to create an environment where people can come together to learn more about how to hone their own intuitive abilities as well as to listen to top spiritual teachers, intuitives and holistic professionals.  This festival will include mini workshops, mini readings and holistic services by top professionals in the field of intuition, spirituality, holistic health and healing.  Learn more on the “Calendar of Events” section of the website, when it is available.

Rev. Therese is a certified ministerial instructor by the Alliance of Divine Love ministry world headquarters.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Alliance of Divine Love minister or finding a ministry in your area, please contact her by clicking here.  Once you are an ordained minister, the Alliance of Divine Love also offers a Doctorate of Divinity certification, which is a three-year commitment.

Currently the Board Members of The Intuitive Living Ministry are:  Rev. Therese Inzerillo, President, Treasurer;  Sabrina Wooden, Vice President, Secretary;  Hilary Bee, Board Member;  Sumr Krueger, Board Member. 

It is our honor and privilege to serve you.  If we may support you in someway, please contact us.  We send you, love, light and many blessings.  Namaste.

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